Experts Calculated Costs for Children Preschool Preparation

Russian parents of schoolchildren in the current year will need an average of 3,180 rubles to get ready for the beginning of the school year, the researchers of the analytical centre of the service for placing ads ‘Avito’ calculated, RIA News reported. 

It is stated that for this amount, they can buy a pencil case, a satchel, as well as a sports and school uniform. If a schoolchild remains on distance learning, the education expenses will increase to 20,000 rubles, since they will have to additionally purchase a laptop and a computer chair.

It is specified that the residents of Kazan (over 32,000 rubles), Nizhny Novgorod (26,000 rubles), and Moscow (24,000 rubles) will have to pay the most. Least of all for a full set of a schoolchild will have to pay in Togliatti (16,000 rubles), Ulyanovsk (17,600 rubles), and Saratov (17,600 rubles).

Ru-Main, 11.08.2020

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