Expert’s Comment: Highest Roofs in Russia

The largest and highest roof in Russia was named by the founder of the project “Roofs and Above” Inna Skrypkina. According to the specialist, this is the roof of the Luzhniki Stadium and the Oko Tower in Moscow. 

Picture: Capital Group

“The biggest roof in Russia is the roof of the Luzhniki Stadium, the route along it is about a kilometer. Everything is safe, you walk in a helmet, strapped with a carbine. You can view the river, trees, MSU [Moscow State University] side by side, as in the palm of your hand. You look at the center, you see the City. This roof is only for sightseeing. It works until winter, it will close soon,” Skrypkina said and clarified that an excursion there costs 1,500 rubles.

The highest not only in Russia, but also in Europe, is the “Oko” (“Eye”) observation tower in the Moscow City area. And if in the neighboring “Federatsiya” (“Federation”) tower they made a closed viewing room, a panoramic hall, then here it is open, which is also quite interesting. It is located at the level of 364 meters above the ground, and the entrance to it costs 1,800 rubles.

Earlier, it was reported that the highest business center is to be built in the center of Moscow. As expected, an 80-storey office building will be erected by 2030.

Ru-Main, 14.11.2022
Source: Moslenta 

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