Experts Compiled Russian TikTok User Portrait

The experts of the Romir research holding compiled a portrait of a Russian TikTok user. It turned out that the video content of the TikTok application is of interest not only to teenagers but also to older generations. According to the research results, TV presenters, Pavel Volya and Ivan Urgant, became the leaders for Russian users of the app in terms of trust and reliability.  

The results of the study showed that the share of Russians using the TikTok app in January 2021 was 14 per cent. On average, 4.6 per cent of mobile app users accessed TikTok per day during January, thus, the quarterly indicator has tripled (the average frequency of visits is 6.7 times per day, the average amount of time spent in the app is 35 minutes per day).

In addition, experts found that 50 per cent of Russians who use TikTok regularly place orders on Aliexpress, about 50 per cent prefer Megafon cellular communications, and 70 per cent are Sberbank customers. It was also found that 20 per cent of users have two cars per family, 30 per cent play computer games in their free time, another 30 per cent watch TV or read books, and another 50 per cent have cats.

Ru-Main, 02.03.2021 

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