Experts Counted Russian Parents’ Expenses on School Preparation

Samara experts calculated the amount of money local residents spent on purchases of the goods for school, reports. According to Samarastat, the purchase of school supplies for one child costs 7,128 rubles. Most of the amount, (3,470 rubles) was spent on textbooks and manuals. In total, to prepare a boy for school, the parents spend about 16,338 rubles; for a girl, this figure is about 18,161 rubles. 

Another expensive item was a schoolbag, the average price of which was 2,761 rubles. It is stated that for 10 ballpoint pens they paid 202 rubles, the same amount of notebooks and pencils cost 158 ​​and 78 rubles, respectively; the price of an album for drawing was 79 rubles, and a set of felt-tip pens, 110 rubles.

It is specified that the trousers for a boy cost 1,448 rubles, a white shirt 712 rubles, a vest 914 rubles. The girl’s wardrobe is more expensive. In particular, a skirt costs 1,289 rubles, a blouse 979 rubles, a warm sundress 1,715 rubles, and a vest 914 rubles. As for footwear, 1,952 and 1,154 rubles had to be paid for boots and shoes, respectively.

Ru-Main, 05.10.2020 

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