Experts Defined Most Active Weekday for Shopping

On Tuesdays, VTB customers made 20 per cent of all purchases in the first 9 months of 2020 both in Siberia and in the country as a whole. According to VTB’s issuing business, the bank’s clients are least likely to carry out transactions on Mondays, om1 reports.  

Wednesday was the second in terms of frequency and volume of transactions among VTB clients, accounting for 17 per cent of purchases, both in terms of quantity and value. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the bank’s clients spend the same amount of money, which is 14 per cent of the total average weekly volume, and on Sunday they slightly reduce purchasing activity (13 per cent).

It is specified that the least of all transactions take place on Monday (7 per cent in terms of the number of purchases and 8 per cent in terms of volume). However, it was on Monday that the average bill was the highest (838 rubles). The lowest average check was recorded on Saturday (712 rubles).

In September, more than a quarter of all purchases made by VTB clients during the week were on Wednesdays (26 per cent). Another 16 per cent were made on Tuesday, followed by Friday (15 per cent). The clients of the bank also spent the least on Monday (7 per cent), and still, the average check was the highest (871 rubles).

Ru-Main, 10.10.2020

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