Experts Found How Many Russians are Superstitious

The majority of Russians (85% of the surveyed) have never sought the services of fortune-tellers or magicians, KazanFirst reports with reference to the survey conducted by the SuperJob job search service. Psychics were visited by 15% of respondents, mostly women (20% versus 10% of men). 

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It is noted that 74% of those surveyed do not believe in the powers of magicians. This is mostly men and those who have never turned to representatives of magic (79% each). At the same time, 22% of Russians consider themselves superstitious, which is less than in 2012 when the experts conducted a similar study (28%). Least of all superstitious people were found among respondents under 24 years old and with an income of 80 thousand rubles.

The study also showed that most superstitious people are among nurses (40% now and 46% in 2012). Sales consultants ranked second (36%), while lawyers, regional representatives and drivers (35% each) took the third place. It was also found out that there are 19% superstitious system administrators in Russia, 18% advertising managers, designers, and trainers, 17% teachers and marketing managers, and 16% programmers and analysts.

Ru-Main, 09.01.2021 

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