Experts Found Out What Names Uralians Give Children

The most popular names that the residents of the Sverdlovsk region gave to their children in 2020 were Alexander, Anastasia, Artem, and Sofia, reported with reference to the Deputy Head of the regional registry office Natalya Khramova.  

It is noted that the top names for boys last year also included Mikhail, Dmitry, Maksim, Ivan, Lev, and Roman, and for girls, Anna, Daria, Polina, Varvara, and Ekaterina. Among the rare names of girls were Carolina, Adelina, Assol, Aphrodite (Afrodita), Monica, Radislava, Juno (Yunona), Gabriela, Venice (Venetsiya), Alexandrina. Of the unusual male names, Ural, Aristarchus (Aristarkh), Antey, Achilles, Hamlet, Gabriel, Hector, Moses (Moisey), Thomas, and Caesar were recorded.

In addition, there are especially unique names such as Landysh (“Lily of the Valley”), Taina (“Mystery”), Tiffany, Luna (“Moon”), Vesna (“Spring”), and Kalina (“Viburnum”) among girls and Cosmos Kir, Sever (“North”), and Mars among boys. It is also specified that more and more Uralians began to call their children double names, for example, Elizabeth-Maria, Marta-Maria, Alexander-Cornelius. Nevertheless, there were also those who gave their children short names, such as Dan, Fin, Uma, Taya.

Ru-Main, 04.03.2021 

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