Experts Identified Russians’ Digital and Financial Literacy Level

The NAFI Analytical Centre conducted a study for measuring levels of financial and digital literacy of Russians. The purpose of the study was to find out how actively and confidently people use digital technologies in their daily financial practice.  

It turned out that 6 per cent of Russians use digital services to compile and maintain personal and family budgets and to plan their expenses, 30 per cent prefer digital channels to pay for goods and services, and 65 per cent use digital banking (in 2019, 56 per cent of Russians used it). It is noted that 78 per cent of Russians know what a QR code is; every fourth resident of the country is ready to use it to make payments.

As of November 2020, one in five residents of the country has a high level of digital financial literacy (21 per cent). Most often these are young people, people with high incomes, and residents of medium and large Russian cities; 44 per cent have an average level of digital financial literacy, and 35 per cent have a low level of financial literacy (more often this group includes residents of villages, people with a poor financial situation, and the elderly.

Ru-Main, 08.11.2020 

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