Experts Named Best Russian Cities for Pensioners

When changing their place of residence, retirees pay special attention to the climate, social support measures, the level of medical care, as well as prices for food and utilities in a city. The cost of housing is a particularly important factor, the Federal Moving Service reported. According to these and other criteria, the best option for relocating older people is Irkutsk, which is distinguished by decent social support (subsidies, benefits) and reasonable prices for utilities and food. 

Picture: Russian Federal Moving Service VK-Group

The top 5 also included Tula, which has a highly developed infrastructure and the healthcare system. Yaroslavl considered a transport “junction” of roads and railways with reasonable prices for food and utilities. Belgorod is an ecologically clean and green area, which is characterized by affordable housing and food, an adequate level of social support. According to statistics, there is also a large share of working pensioners in the region, which means a high employment opportunity.

Ufa is considered one of the cities of Russia with the most inexpensive living conditions in comparison with other regions of the country. It is noted that social measures support are provided in full there. Omsk is notable for its crisis resistance, good conditions for doing business, and material stability. The transport network and infrastructure are also well developed there. The top 10 also includes Mineralnye Vody, Sarapul, Sochi, Taganrog, and Kostroma.

Ru-Main, 22.07.2020

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