Experts Named Best Vanilla Pastila in Russia

The Russian quality experts (Roscontrol) checked the vanilla pastila of different brands. Pastila is a traditional Russian fruit confectionery, which is small squares of pressed fruit paste, with a white foamy top, the taste of which is quite similar to that of a marshmallow, but more of pure fruit. 

Picture: Restaurant Expert Website

In the study, they check the pastila of the trademarks Udarnitsa (Charmel), Kazhdiy Den (“Every Day”), Krasnaya Tsena (“Top Price”), D – Slasti Dlya Schastya (“Sweets for Happiness”), Lucky Days, Aro, Belevskiye Sladosti (“Belevskiye Sweets”). The experts studied the composition, microbiological characteristics of the products, as well as its taste and safety.

According to the results of the study, a preservative, sorbic acid, was found in samples D – Slasti Dlya Schastya, Lucky Days, and Aro. All the samples contain apples in one form or another, however, in the products of only Udarnitsa and D, raw materials are present in some sufficient quantity.

All goods have passed a safety check, and therefore not a single sample was blacklisted by the quality control experts. Among all the trademarks they recommend for purchase the pastila of Charmel and D brands.

Ru-Main, 21.07.2020

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