Experts Named Cargo Turnover in St. Petersburg Port

The cargo turnover of the Big Port of St. Petersburg in January-September 2020 decreased by 2 per cent compared to the same indicators of the last year, PRIME reports. Including transshipment of oil products increased by 16 per cent and container cargo decreased by 4 per cent.  

The Big Port of St. Petersburg is the largest seaport in the northwest of Russia. On its territory, cargo operations are carried out by 25 stevedoring companies.  It is noted that the transshipment of general cargo decreased by 3 per cent to 8.726 million tonnes, including transshipment of ferrous metals increased by 3 per cent (to 3.875 million tonnes), scrap metal by 10 per cent (to 1.286 million), and packaged cargo by 2 per cent (to 1.176 million), while non-ferrous metals fell by 33 per cent (to 701, 3 thousand tonnes) and refrigerated cargo by 12 per cent (to 807.4 thousand tonnes). It is also stated that the transshipment of bulk cargo decreased by 8 per cent (to 5.977 million tonnes), including mineral fertilizers by 11 per cent (to 5.134 million tonnes) and ore increased by 23 per cent (to 688.6 thousand tonnes).

Ru-Main, 20.10.2020 

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