Experts Named Russians’ Favourite Street Food

A hot dog is the most expensive street food in Russia, pirozhki with cabbage are the cheapest, sausage in the dough (“a pig in a blanket”) is the most popular, and cheburek is the most expensive, RIA News reports with reference to the press service of the Evotor IT company.  

Based on data from smart terminals in bakeries and takeaway points of sale, the company’s experts analyzed the most frequently bought baked food in the country in April 2021 and 2020. The leader was the sausage in the dough, the average price of which was 38 rubles. Over the year, it has risen in price by 9 per cent. In Moscow, it costs 55 rubles, in St. Petersburg 52 rubles, and in the Omsk and Kirov regions 12 rubles (the lowest price).

The hot dog was in the eighth place in the top ten popular snacks in Russia and also turned out to be the most expensive (98 rubles, +22 per cent). The cheapest were pirozhki with cabbage and pirozhki with potato (27 rubles each). In the top 10 street snacks, they rank fourth and sixth, respectively, having risen in price by 12 per cent and 6 per cent over the year. In the second place in popularity are belyashi (54 rubles, +36 per cent). The cheapest are sold for 15 rubles in the Astrakhan, Smolensk, and Omsk regions, as well as in the Volgograd region and Primorye.

The third place is occupied by kurniki, for the year they have fallen in price by 12 per cent, to 65 rubles on average in the country. In Moscow, such a pie costs 79 rubles on average, in St. Petersburg 94 rubles, and the cheapest (19 rubles) are sold in Tatarstan, Bashkiria, and the Tyumen region. Donuts and sweet cheese danish will cost Russians 31 and 32 rubles, respectively. In tenth place in popularity is samsa, its price is 65 rubles. In fifth place in the top of the most popular fast food are Chebureki with the price of 78 rubles (+52 per cent) in the country on average. It is specified that they showed the highest price growth of all the food in the rating.

Ru-Main, 29.04.2021 

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