Experts Named Cities Where Tourists Most Often Book 5-Star Hotels

Specialists of the OneTwoTrip online travel service named the cities where travellers usually book five-star hotels, RIA Novosti reports. It turned out that in the first half of 2021, high-class hotels were most in-demand in Moscow where the average room price per night was 12,900 rubles.  

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

Also among the popular destinations where travellers are most likely to stay in luxury hotels are Sochi (the share of bookings there was 10.4 per cent), St. Petersburg (9.5 per cent), and Dubai (3.8 per cent). In addition, according to the service specialists, five-star hotels were in demand in Yekaterinburg (3.2 per cent), Voronezh (3.1 per cent), and Istanbul (2.7 per cent).

Ru-Main, 09.07.2021 

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