Experts Named Highest-Paid Vacancies in Russian Production Sphere

Specialists of the job search service studied more than 3,000 manufacturing vacancies and made the April rating of the highest-paid job offers in Russia. One of the highest salaries is offered to a chief engineer at a coal company in Moscow (from 250,000 rubles) who must have higher education in the speciality and experience in a leading position in the coal industry for at least 5 years. 

The operator of the production of whole and fermented milk products can receive up to 220,000 rubles. The employee will have to conduct the process of milk recovery and preparation of fermented milk products, as well as assess the quality of the products produced. From 165,000 rubles can be paid to a welder with work experience of 3 years or more. The vacancy assumes a shift in Yakutsk for 3 months. The employer provides employees with a hostel for accommodation and meals in the canteen, as well as transportation to the place of work.

An upholsterer with at least 2 years of experience can earn up to 150,000 rubles a month. An employee will have to make the frame of the product, lash it with a whip, and cover the furniture. In turn, a road surface repair technician with 5 years of experience in a similar position, can get up to 150,000 rubles a month, for which he should check the quality of raw materials and keep records, while the employer provides him with housing and three meals a day.

Ru-Main, 12.04.2021

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