Experts Named Major Cities in Russia With Cheapest Housing

Experts of the federal company “Etagi” have compiled a rating of 100 major cities of Russia with the cheapest housing. 

Chelyabinsk took the first place in the list of cities with the most affordable average cost per square meter in the secondary housing market. There it is 65.2 thousand rubles. Volgograd is in second place with an average price per square meter of secondary housing of 84.3 thousand rubles. Omsk closes the top three, with the average cost per square meter of 85.8 thousand rubles.

Voronezh (87.7 thousand rubles), Perm (90.7 thousand rubles), Krasnoyarsk (97.2 thousand rubles), Rostov-on-Don (102.1 thousand rubles), Samara (102.6 thousand rubles), Ufa (103.3 thousand rubles), and Yekaterinburg (105 thousand rubles) also entered the top ten of the rating.

Ru-Main, 07.06.2022
Source: Izvestia 

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