Experts Named Most Literate Professions in Russia

In March 2021, the research holding Romir analysed the attitude of Russians to the level of literacy in various professions. According to the results of the study, teachers, lawyers, and journalists took the leading positions in terms of compliance with the rules of the Russian language. 

The most literate in the opinion of Russians are teachers (70 per cent). More than half of the respondents (52 per cent) believe that the cleverest in grammar and spelling are lawyers and slightly fewer respondents are confident in the competence of journalists (44 per cent). Next in the literacy rating are doctors (42 per cent), engineers (32 per cent), and economists (29 per cent). The top 10 also includes IT workers (23 per cent), bank employees (20 per cent), civil servants (17 per cent), and actors (8 per cent). Behind them were police officers (5 per cent), bloggers (3 per cent), food service employees, sales assistants, drivers, and utility workers (2 per cent each).

Ru-Main, 19.04.2021 

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