Experts Named Most Popular Cities Among Russians for New Year Holidays

This season, Russians are more actively considering domestic resorts and tourist cities. Minsk stands out among the foreign destinations.

According to the experts, 85% of housing bookings for the upcoming New Year holidays are in Russian destinations. A year earlier, the indicator was 65%, which follows from the service. The data takes into account the period from December 23, 2022, to January 15, 2023.

Moscow and St. Petersburg are the leaders in bookings, as they were last year. The third place this season takes Sochi, which a year earlier took sixth place, behind the Crimean resorts. This winter, Crimea did not enter the top ten most popular destinations; Krasnodar also left the rating.

The service “” confirms that the top Russian cities for New Year’s bookings this year are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, and Sochi. In “Avito”, the top three in terms of demand for daily rent during this period they named Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kazan.

“This year, for obvious reasons, the top ten did not include Crimean destinations, as well as Krasnodar. Demand is redistributed in favor of open and accessible destinations. So, Kaliningrad has risen noticeably in the list of leaders this year (the sixth line of the list), although last year it was only in 16th place,” the press service of explains. also noted that this season there is a high demand for Russian ski resorts: Arkhyz occupies the eighth line of the rating, although a year earlier it was far beyond the top of popular destinations. Dombay, Sheregesh, Terskol also show an increase in the number of bookings several times.

“Tourists will traditionally remain interested in traveling to such tourist centers of the country as Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg. For fans of extreme sports and skiing, Sochi, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen Regions and Perm Krai remain the most popular routes. Lovers of spas and thermal springs are interested in the cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, as well as the nearby republics,” the head of the Avito Real Estate short-term rental direction, Artem Kromochkin, says.

In addition, “” analyzed the interest of Russians in booking housing for the New Year holidays in the neighboring countries. The only popular destination this season was Minsk.

“The rest of the neighboring countries are not popular for New Year’s holidays yet. There are reservations in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, but there are few of them,” the Founder and CEO of, Yuri Kuznetsov, said.

Prices for daily accommodation during the holidays this year are higher than last year, according to the The average rate for the top 10 popular destinations is 5.5 thousand rubles per night, which is 27% more than a year ago.

The largest increase in the average cost of a night was recorded in the following categories:

  • apartments – the cost is on average 4.9 thousand rubles (+40% per year);
  • four-star hotels – 8.8 thousand rubles (+33%);
  • three-star hotels – 4.8 thousand rubles (+30%).

How does the cost of a booked night change in the top 5 destinations on

  • Moscow – 4.9 thousand rubles (+53% for the year);
  • Saint Petersburg – 4.5 thousand rubles (+25%);
  • Sochi – 4.8 thousand rubles (-4%);
  • Kazan – 5.3 thousand rubles (+51%);
  • Kaliningrad – 4.3 thousand rubles (+4%).

In “”, they confirm the growth of average prices. In the offer on the service, they have increased in all the most popular areas, except Nizhny Novgorod (-6%). The most pronounced growth was recorded in Kislovodsk (+53%) and Sochi (+65%).

Recently, CIAN analysts (real estate rent and sale service) noted an increase in prices for daily rental of housing in the resorts of the Caucasus. Prices rose the most in Kislovodsk over the year — by 56%. Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki, Dombai, and Zheleznovodsk are also in the top five in terms of growth.

Ru-Main, 18.11.2022
Source: RBC

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