Experts Named Most Popular Names for Moscow Newborns

In August 2020, Alexander (259) and Sofia (269) remained the most popular names among Moscow newborns, the city news agency ‘Moscow‘ reports with reference to the press service of the Moscow Social Development Complex.    

The top 5 popular female names in Moscow in August also included Anna (212), Maria, Victoria, and Alisa. It is noted that such names as Alexandra, Polina, Eva, Elizaveta, and Arina were registered more than 100 times a month. As for the male names, the top 5 consists of Lev, Maxim, Mikhail, and Artem. Popular were also Ivan, Mark, Matvey, Dmitry, and Iliya.

It is specified that one baby was even named August in the last summer month. Among unusual names were also Amur, Hamlet, Dionysius, Yaromir, and Svyatogor. As for the foreign names, there were Michelle, Melania, Richard, Stefan, and Stephanie.

Ru-Main, 23.09.2020 

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