Experts Named Most Popular Services in ‘My Documents’ Centre

The experts of the “My Documents” centres of public services told what services Muscovites most often applied for in 2020. Among the leaders was the service of providing information on housing registration (1.8 million calls). Muscovites also applied for a social card (1.7 million times) and registration of citizens (1.6 million times), the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports. 

The fourth place (1.4 million times) was taken by the service for calculating and recalculating utility bills. Also, more than 860 thousand times citizens have applied for information from the real estate register, and 720 thousand requests have been received regarding access to their personal account on the portal. Thus, among the frequent services, the centres named the registration of a Russian passport of a citizen (660 thousand times) and registration of rights to real estate (650 thousand times).

Also, residents of the city applied for the appointment of a monthly child benefit, job search and registration of a compulsory health insurance policy. More than 30 thousand citizens were interested in the service of registering a vehicle and more than 17 thousand in obtaining a driver’s license on the day of application.

Ru-Main, 02.01.2021 

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