Experts Named Russian Regions That Benefit From Tourism in 2021

The dynamics of the profit of the tourism sector shows that the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory will benefit the most in 2021 under the current conditions. Other regions of the Russian Federation have not yet been able to fully realize the possibilities of domestic tourism, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the analysts of the “National Credit Ratings” Russian agency.  

It is noted that the total profit of the domestic hotel business and the leisure and entertainment industry for 11 months after the removal of most of the quarantine restrictions from June 2020 to April 2021 amounted to 55 per cent of 2019 or 19.1 billion rubles in comparison to 34.6 billion rubles.

“Closed borders allowed domestic resorts to double the indicators of 2019. In Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory, industry companies have not reduced their profit growth rates since 2018. The Crimean tourism sector over the past 11 months has increased profits by 30 per cent compared to the full year of 2019, to 811 million rubles, and Krasnodar almost doubled, to a record 3.6 billion rubles. It should be borne in mind that these data do not yet include profit for the summer season of 2021, following which the indicators are likely to continue to grow,” the experts of the agency said.

Other areas of domestic tourism have not recovered from the effects of the lockdown yet. Among them are Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Tatarstan. The profit of the latter for the study period decreased by 77 per cent. The exception was the Yaroslavl Region, where tourism profits have been growing steadily since 2018.

“In a number of regions, interest in local weekend tourism is increasing, which can support the tourism industry as a whole. Further development of this type of recreation depends on transport accessibility and the general state of infrastructure,” the agency concluded.

Ru-Main, 16.07.2021 

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