Experts Named Russian Regions With Lowest Costs for Utilities

At the end of 2019, Russians spend on average about 4.8 thousand rubles a month on utility bills, RIA News reports. Specialists noted that the share of utility costs in the consumer spending of the average Russian family is 9.6 per cent.  

According to the data received, the residents of the Kurgan region and the Republic of Tyva (less than 2,600 rubles), as well as the Republic of Altai (less than 2,400 rubles) spend the least on housing and communal services. The highest costs for utilities were recorded in the Kamchatka Territory (more than 9,000 rubles every month), the Magadan Region (8,760 rubles), and Moscow (7,792 rubles).

In addition, the smallest share of expenses for housing and communal services was recorded in Ingushetia (4.9 per cent of household consumer spending). The largest share of expenditures on housing and communal services was registered in Komi (13.7 per cent), Chukotka (13.6 per cent), and the Magadan region (12.9 per cent).

Ru-Main, 14.09.2020 

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