Experts Named Russian Regions With Lowest Prices for Used Cars

The regions of Russia where it is most profitable to buy popular used cars have become known to the experts of the portal. They shared the results of their study with the Russian newspaper “Izvestia”.  

Analysts of the portal studied the database of ads for sales of popular five-year-old models of used cars from May to September 2022. The highest average prices for used cars were recorded in the Urals, Siberia, and the regions of the North Caucasus. In the European part of the Russian Federation, prices for popular used models were often even lower than the average in Russia.

“In the western part of Russia, on the one hand, the population density is higher, and on the other hand, new cars have always been more in demand, which replenish fresh offers on the secondary market. In addition, the more cars of a particular model in the region’s fleet, the lower the chance that sellers will inflate prices for them,” the Head of the Research and Customer Analytics Group at, Aleksey Mukhanov, said.

Experts also found out that in the mass segment, such a car as Renault Logan in the Stavropol Territory was sold on average 17 per cent cheaper than on the rest of the market. In addition, the cost of this model was 12 per cent less in the Novosibirsk region and 11 per cent less in Samara.

Favorable offers for used Lada Granta were found in the Tyumen region and the Republic of Mordovia, where the car was sold almost 11-13 per cent below the market price.

The most affordable Hyundai Solaris were found in the Novgorod region, where the cost of a Korean subcompact with mileage was 12 per cent less than in other Russian regions.

Crossovers with mileage at favorable prices were found by the analysts in the Yaroslavl region. The Kia Sportage car was 10 per cent cheaper there than the average market price. The Hyundai Creta crossover turned out to be 9 per cent cheaper than the market in the Orel region, and for a non-standard Toyota RAV4 in the Samara region, they asked 6 per cent less than in the rest of the country.

Among the used cars of a premium segment, the BMW 3-series model cost the cheapest in the Rostov and Kaluga regions, where prices for it were 10 per cent and 4 per cent less, respectively. In the Kaliningrad region, the price of a used BMW 3 was 8 per cent lower, and in St. Petersburg by 6 per cent.

According to the data provided by the Autostat analytical agency, in September 2022, Lada was in the lead, the result of which was 106.4 thousand cars. Next goes Toyota (52 thousand cars). Hyundai (26.2 thousand cars), Kia (25.1 thousand cars), and Nissan (23.9 thousand cars) also entered the top five.

Ru-Main, 28.10.2022
Source: Izvestia 

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