Experts Named Russians’ Favourite Cars Colours

Experts of the AUTOSTAT analytical agency found out what body colours men and women in Russia choose most often when buying a new car. It turned out that the three most popular body colours are white, black, and silver. These remain unchanged regardless of the gender of its future owner.  

It is specified that 26.6 per cent of men and 24.3 per cent of women voted for the leading white colour. Black is also liked more by men (21 per cent) than by women (16.6 per cent). However, silver, on the contrary, is more often chosen by women (15.9 per cent) than by men (12.7 per cent). Also, grey and blue are in the top 5 most popular colours in Russia. In particular, among women, both colours received an equal number of votes (10.7 per cent each), while men are more likely to prefer grey (14.1 per cent) than blue (8.3 per cent).

Rarer colours such as brown and green received an equal amount of votes from both gender groups (8 per cent of men and 7.6 per cent of women would choose the brown colour, while 1.7 per cent of men and 1.8 per cent of women would choose the green colour). In turn, 10.6 per cent of women voted for the red colour (which was also chosen by only 3.6 per cent of men). Experts point out that this gives reason to consider red cars more “feminine” than cars of any other body colour.

Ru-Main, 16.06.2021 

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