Experts Named Specialists Highly Demanded by Russian Companies This Spring

The experts of the job search service have studied more than 200,000 vacancies and more than 200,000 CVs published on the service in March 2021 and found out how the Russian labour market has changed in relation to February 2021. 

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According to the research results, the labour market in Russia is recovering. The increase in employer activity in March is observed in many industries. The number of companies publishing vacancies on the service increased by 28 per cent and the total number of new vacancies increased by 16 per cent.

It is specified that companies from the trade sector were most often looking for employees; the number of new vacancies increased by 18 per cent. In the field of transport and logistics, vacancies increased by 20 per cent. The number of proposals for specialists in the field of production and agriculture (by 24 per cent), as well as in the service sector (by 11 per cent), and in construction (by 14 per cent) also increased significantly.

Most often, the trade industry was looking for sellers, cashiers, and consultants. Transportation and logistics companies needed drivers, movers, and pickers. Among specialists in the field of production and agriculture, there is a high demand for locksmiths, operators, and engineers, in the service sector, for cooks, cleaners, and cashiers, and in construction, for locksmiths, machinists, and engineers.

Also, in March 2021, the activity of job seekers in the labour market increased, the number of new and updated CVs increased by 17 per cent compared to February 2021. The number of applications in March increased by 9 per cent compared to February 2021. Most of the responses from applicants in February were received by vacancies for sales managers, sales clerks, call centre operators, sales consultants, and security guards.

Ru-Main, 17.04.2021 

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