Experts Named Top 5 Cycling Routes in Moscow Region

The length of bicycle routes in different urban districts of Moscow ranges from 20 to 60 kilometres. Local authorities are trying to include such routes in improvement projects quite often if only the landscape allows it and residents want it, Radio 1 reports.  

The Ministry of Public Improvement of the Moscow Region has listed five bike paths that must be tested by tourists in the Moscow Region. Thus, the length of the cycling route in the city district of Dolgoprudny is more than 14 kilometres. There you can see the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, the park on Molodezhnaya Street, the Mysovo Park, Yusupov Square, the Church of the Savior of the Image Not-Made-by-Hands, and Central Park.

Around Lake Belskoe in Bronnitsy, the cycle path stretches for 4 kilometres. The main points there are Crimean Bridge, the training centre, and the beach. Two more bike trails are located in Kolomna, with a total length of over 5 kilometres. The first one runs around Park Mira and the second is located in the Old Town.

The length of the “One Day in Serpukhov” route is 8 kilometres. There, on a bicycle, you can ride past the “Horsemen” sculpture, the “Black Tulip” memorial sign, the “Peacock” graffiti, the Museum of Printing, and the sculptural composition “Fair”. The fifth cycle path is called “Klin Sounds” and it takes more than 10 kilometres. The route passes through the main city attractions of the city of Klin.

Ru-Main, 21.04.2021 

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