Experts Named Top Bike Rental Stations in Moscow

Muscovites most often use the service of renting bicycles at the entrance to VDNKh (16.2 thousand times) and in Gorky Park (9.5 thousand times), the official Telegram-Channel of the Moscow Department of Transport reported. 

In the places mentioned above, bicycles are rented not only by those who came to walk in the park but also by residents of neighboring areas. Bicycles are also often rented on Prospekt Mira in the area of ​​house No. 119, on Sokolnicheskaya Square, and the Kremlin embankment. It is noted that more and more Muscovites are choosing a bicycle as a way of transportation, and not just leisure. In this regard, the demand for rent is still growing not only in parks but also in the city centre.

Ru-Main, 29.07.2020  

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