Experts Named Top Sales on Russian Car Market 2020

Over the last year, residents of Russia purchased about 1.5 million new cars, according to experts of the AUTOSTAT analytical agency.  

It is noted that most of the country’s residents bought LADA cars (314 thousand units, or 21.5 per cent of the total). The second place was taken by KIA (201 thousand cars), and the third by Hyundai (160 thousand cars). Renault (128 thousand cars) and Volkswagen (102 thousand cars) also entered the top five of the most popular cars.

In the model ranking at the end of 2020, the leadership was retained by LADA Granta (120 thousand cars). The second was LADA Vesta (103 thousand cars). These were followed by KIA Rio (88 thousand cars), Hyundai Creta (72 thousand cars), and Volkswagen Polo (58 thousand cars).

Ru-Main, 20.01.2021 

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