Experts Noted Increased Demand for Sofas During Self-Isolation

Demand for sofas in Russia increased 20 per cent during the period of self-isolation, RIA News reported with reference to the data provided by the experts of the Avito advertising service.  

The number of ads for the sale of sofas increased by an average of 18 per cent. In particular, in Izhevsk, the demand grew by 90 per cent, in Saratov by 49 per cent, in Ufa by 46 per cent, in Ulyanovsk by 45 per cent, in Voronezh by 39 per cent. At the same time, in Moscow, the demand for sofas decreased by 11 per cent. It is also noted that the price of sofas, in general, rose by 7 per cent compared to February, the last month before the introduction of the self-isolation regime.

Ru-Main, 01.06.2020

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