Experts Noted Record Money Amount Spent on Moscow Real Estate Purchase

Muscovites and residents of the region bought real estate in new buildings in August 2020 for a record amount of money. The developers’ revenue amounted to 120 billion rubles, which exceeds last year’s result by 48 per cent, Lenta reports with reference to the data provided by the CIAN portal.   

It is stated that in August, the total number of transactions concluded in the Moscow region were 13,300. In Moscow, 7,000 preschool educational institutions were issued (an increase of 60 per cent per month, plus 25 per cent per year), and in the Moscow region 6,300 preschool educational institutions (plus 30 per cent per month, an increase of 25 per cent per year).

It is also noted that the cost per square metre within the old part of Moscow exceeded 225,000 rubles, and in New Moscow, 150,000 rubles, which is the first time that experts observe this on the market. The prices in the Moscow region over the year have grown by 20 per cent, having reached 104,200 rubles.

Ru-Main, 10.09.2020 

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