Experts’ Opinion: Russians Have No Reason to Worry About SWIFT

The executive director of the Russian National SWIFT Association (ROSSWIFT), Roman Chernov, during a speech in the State Duma said that the country was not going to be disconnected from the system, TASS reported. 

“They are not going to disconnect us from SWIFT. Why? It’s very simple – it’s not beneficial to anyone,” Chernov said.

SWIFT is an international interbank system for transferring information and making payments, to which more than 11 thousand of the largest organizations in almost all countries of the world are connected. There are regular reports in the press that Russia may be cut off from it as one of the Western sanctions.

As for the real situation regarding SWIFT in the Russian Federation, speaking in the State Duma, the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia, Olga Skorobogatova, also spoke about the possible disconnection of the country from the system. According to her, the regulator does not yet see the risks of such a scenario, so Russians should not take it as a real threat yet.

Ru-Main, 09.06.2021 

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