Experts Revealed Russian Regions With Slimmest Citizens

According to the data of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the lowest prevalence of obesity was recorded in the Primorsky Territory (549.2 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants). Low indicators were also recorded in the Jewish Autonomous Region (685.4), the Kaliningrad region (665.5), Kabardino-Balkaria (618.1), and Moscow (607.7), RT reported. 

The experts explained that when assessing the prevalence of obesity, it is important to pay attention to regional characteristics, including those associated with the genotype of residents, lifestyle, food culture, living conditions, and financial support.

It is noted that the highest prevalence of obesity in 2019 was recorded in the Altai Territory (5,539.4 cases). This is followed by the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (3,527.2), the Tyumen (2,860.2), Kurgan (2,714), and Samara (2,667.1) regions.

Ru-Main, 19.07.2020 

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