Experts Revealed Russians’ New Year Wishes for 2022 

Russians consider health to be more important than money, which follows from a survey conducted by the SuperJob job search service specialists.  

Almost every third Russian (32 per cent) would wish for New Year health to himself and his loved ones. In particular, women dream about it almost twice as often as men (41 per cent versus 23 per cent, respectively). Every tenth respondent (10 per cent) would ask the Universe for high earnings on New Year’s Eve (men are more likely to do this than women: 11 per cent and 9 per cent, respectively). Happiness as a New Year wish would ask 8 per cent of the surveyed.

Also, 5 per cent of Russians are going to wish world peace and career growth, 4 per cent of respondents dream about the end of the pandemic, going on a trip, and finding true love (4 per cent each). According to 3 per cent of respondents, the best New Year wish would be the prosperity of Russia, marriage, and the purchase of their own housing. Besides, 2 per cent of Russians will wish themselves good luck, stability, and well-being.

Only 1 per cent of respondents in Russia dream in the new year about the birth of a child, the fulfilment of all desires, and the purchase of a car. Among other wishes for the new year, Russians mentioned moving to another city, opening their own business, finishing repairs, as well as dreams that others would become kinder and more merciful, loved ones would always be near, everything would go well and they manage to find their place in life (12 per cent).

Ru-Main, 02.12.2021 
Source: SuperJob 

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