Experts Set Living Wage in Russia 2021

The size of the subsistence minimum in 2021 in Russia will be 11,653 rubles, according to the decree signed by the Prime Minister of the country Mikhail Mishustin.   

Thus, according to the document, the subsistence minimum per capita will be 11,653 rubles, for the working-age population it will be 12,702 rubles, for children it will amount 11,303 rubles, and for pensioners it will reach 10,022 rubles. It is noted that the subsistence minimum is set for a year, not a quarter as it was earlier. In addition, if before it was calculated on the basis of the cost of products included in a consumer basket, then from January 1, 2021, it depends on the median per capita income.

Ru-Main, 09.01.2021 

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