Experts Spoke on Media Consumption in Russia

The Romir research holding presented new media data on TV, Internet, and cross-consumption. The rating of TV programmes per week is calculated for all broadcasts of the programmes per day. Thus, in the week from November 23 to November 29, 2020, the media consumption of pet owners, Sberbank customers, buyers of ‘Dobry’ apple juice, ‘Carlsberg’ beer, decorative cosmetics, and the ‘Lenta’ retail chain was analyzed. 

According to the results of the study, among pet owners, there are much more people watching TNT and CTC TV-channels than the rest of the population. In first place among the buyers of ‘Dobry’ apple juice is the TNT TV-channel. Also popular are Match TV, Pyatnitsa (Friday), and Channel Five. As for the Sberbank’s clients, they are more active in using the Sberbank Online application and watch more such TV channels as Zvezda and Match TV. Among beer buyers, there are much more people watching entertainment channels, such as TNT, Pyatnitsa, TV 3, and CTC.

Buyers of ‘Carlsberg’ beer are more active users of Yandex and searches. Also, they are more likely to visit such online stores like Ozon and Wildberries. Buyers of decorative cosmetics most actively use the applications of Instagram, Sberbank Online, as well as Ozon and Wildberries stores. Through a mobile browser, Lenta chain customers use most often YouTube and State Services portal.

Ru-Main, 06.12.2020 

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