Experts Studied Russians’ Opinions on Debt Repayment

The NAFI analytical centre conducted a study of the attitude of Russians to the phenomenon of bankruptcy and debt repayment. According to the results of the study, today 28% of Russians use bank loans. Most people rely mainly on themselves and their close ones in solving financial problems.  

It is stated that if it is impossible to repay a loan, residents of the country are most likely to turn to friends or relatives for help (43%), although some are more likely to ask for a deferred payment at the bank where a loan is issued (27%) or even take a loan from another bank 6%.

Experts also found out that more than half of Russians (53%) follow legal and ethical standards and consider it necessary to repay a loan both to a bank and to their close ones. However, some (33%) admit non-fulfilment of debt obligations to banks, condemning the failure to return a loan to a friend.

It is also noted that for the majority of Russians, bankruptcy is not something reprehensible: 73% of respondents believe that this is just an “unpleasant circumstance” after which a person’s life “will not change radically” and are ready to do business with a person who has been declared bankrupt (71%).

Ru-Main, 23.12.2020 

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