Experts Told What Names Nizhny Novgorod Residents Give to Children

The employees of the Main Directorate of the Civil Registry Office of the Nizhny Novgorod region told what names residents prefer to give to their children, NewsNN reports.  

From January to August 2020, there were born many boys with the names Artyom (513), Alexander (479), Mikhail (465), and Maksim (412). As for the girls, most often parents prefer to name their daughters Sophia (451), Victoria (388), Anastasia (381), Maria (373), and Anna (366).

The rarest and most unusual male names are Gedeon, Feniks (Phoenix), Luca, Erist, Radogor, Savvaty, Kapiton, Noah, Gaspar, Cosmos, Ararat, Dariy, Mikhey, Tamerlan, Muslim, Hector, Moses, Eremey.

As for the rare female names there are Natalinka, Yasna, Volya, Dementra, Ismiralda, Shakhrisada, Isidora, Korolina, Baginya, Gerda, Yuna, Deya, Assol, Medina, Saphira, Beloslava, Malvina, Paulina, Aleksandria.

Ru-Main, 20.09.2020 

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