Experts Told How Novosibirsk Residents Shop Online

AliExpress Russia together with the GFK market research agency conducted a study of the preferences of Siberians and found out which factors are leading for Russians when making a purchase both online and offline, reports. 

The most important factor in making a purchasing decision both online and offline is the composition of the product (60% for online and 53% for offline purchases, respectively). Then goes the availability of trying a product (30% when buying online). However, reviews from other users are much more important for online shopping than when making a purchase offline (36% versus 17%).

It is specified that the main reasons for buying goods from online stores are favourable prices and discounts (61%), a wide range of products (51%), and the possibility of time-saving (48%). At the same time, the main reasons for offline shopping are the inability to try the product when buying online (48%) and the risk of buying a product remotely, as its quality can be lower than expected (38%).

The results of the study show that in Russia as a whole, people buy beauty products offline a little more often than any other goods, but at the same time, on average, they spend 1.4 times less on one purchase than when shopping online.

Ru-Main, 08.12.2020

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