Experts Told Which Real Estate Generates More Income

Against the background of lower rates and the launch of preferential mortgages, the Russian real estate market is experiencing a rebirth, PRIME reports. According to the asset manager of BCS World of Investments, Andrey Rusetsky, prices are growing, first of all, on the offer from developers (the primary market).  

According to the statistics of the Russian Central Bank, there are now almost 2 trillion rubles of equity holders’ funds on escrow accounts, an increase of 1 trillion rubles since the beginning of the year. At the same time, 50 per cent of real estate sales from developers usually fall on November-December and are still expected.

“There are two main options for generating income. The first one is the purchase of a real estate itself with its subsequent assignment, a more predictable income, but extremely low liquidity. The second option is the purchase of shares in public developers,” Rusetsky said.

According to the expert, the securities of such companies will grow along with the rise in real estate prices and at the same time receive dividend payments from the companies. It is specified that the dividend yield is currently about 9-10 per cent.

Ru-Main, 13.11.2020

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