Fairy Tales in Modern Reading Presented by Russian Writers

By the International Children’s Day, the Internet portal ‘Tekhnoskazki‘ (“Techno-Fairy Tales”) began to work. There will be read fairy tales in an unusual interpretation, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports. 

Picture: Culture RF Website

Among the fairy tales are Doctor Aybolit, Tsarevna Nesmeyana, The Ugly Duckling, Cinderella, The Frog Princess, Zayushkina’s hut, Teremok, Kolobok, and Wolf and the Seven Little Goats. So, Aybolit got an unmanned car, Kolobok uses a gyro scooter, Cinderella graduates from school on an online platform and gets on the TV show ‘Cinderella 2020’.

Tales were invented by children’s writers, teachers, inventors, and even athletes. It is noted, anyone can join the project. Record your video version of one of the fairy tales with modern additions and post it on social networks with the hashtag #TechnologicalFairytales. The best stories will be added to the online digital business space encyclopedia.

Ru-Main, 30.05.2020

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