Famous Astronauts Looking for Followers in Samara

Famous astronauts arrived in Samara to recruit employees of one of the large factories in the team of space pilots, reports Rocket and Space Centre “Progress”.   

Picture: Rocket and Space Centre “Progress” Website

The Honoured Test Pilot and Head of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Pavel Vlasov, said that there are even fewer requirements for astronauts than for military pilots. According to him, there is more romance in this profession than in any other. The Training Center is the main Soviet and Russian cosmonaut training institution; in March 2020, it turns 60 years old.

Future astronauts have to train endurance and general physical skills in different climatic conditions, including extreme ones: survival in the cold, desert, and mountains. The candidate must also be able to swim well.

In addition to the physical training and medical examination, candidates are waiting for a check of psychologists, writing a motivational essay and testing knowledge in foreign languages, physics, mathematics, astronautics and cultural studies.

Recently, 50 men and 16 women submitted applications of candidates for cosmonauts. In the meantime, only one female cosmonaut is preparing for flights in the current cosmonaut team.

Ru-Main, 31.01.2020

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