Famous Russian Pop Singer Chose Candidates for Fathers of Her Future Children

Olga Buzova, a Russian TV presenter and singer, named the desired candidates for fathers to her future children. The 36-year-old Buzova is regarded as one of the most successful Russian contemporary entertainers. 

Picture: 7Days

She is most famous for these songs:

“You won’t believe it! I would really give birth to a child from [the singer] Sergei Lazarev. He is both smart and talented, and a father with experience, and very handsome,” the artist called the leader of her personal rating.

Picture: Sergey Lazarev, Gerard Butler

Buzova also named the British actor Gerard Butler among foreign celebrities. She noted that she was open to his courtship and jokingly asked subscribers to inform the Scotsman about it.

Ru-Main, 23.11.2022
Source: Moslenta

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