Famous Singer Appeared after Plastic Surgery and Shocked Fans

Picture: Instagram User Page

Fans of Zhanna Aguzarova were shocked by the appearance of the artist after many plastic surgeries. A joint photo with Aguzarova, which was taken on the anniversary of the rock band “Tsvety”, was published on Instagram by one of the fans of the singer.

Zhanna is a well-known Soviet and Russian performer, an ex-vocalist of the Bravo group, which later focused on her solo career. Aguzarova is known for her extravagant behaviour on stage and outrageous costumes.

The appearance of the performer shocked even those who are used to the extraordinary acts of the former vocalist of the Bravo group. The famous singer went too far with plastic surgery that many could not even believe that it really was Zhanna Aguzarova.

“God, what’s wrong with her?” said people on Instagram.

But there were few who appreciated the singer’s new appearance. Users emphasize that extravagance has always been an integral part of her personality. The image of the “city madwoman” accompanies her all her life.

“She is a superstar, talented, extraordinary, unique,” commented they.

The famous plastic surgeon Igor Bely told what had been done to the face of Zhanna Aguzarova. According to him, unnatural plastic surgery was the result of medical error. White noticed hyaluronic acid not only in the lips but also in many areas of the skin. Questions from a plastic surgeon cause a strange arrangement of eyebrows, and the forehead as a whole. In his opinion, Aguzarova was too keen on surgical lifting.

Ru-Main, 29.11.2019

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