Father Frost Invites Omsk Residents to His Manor

Every year Russian Father Frost comes from his main residence in Veliky Ustyug to the other cities of the country. Thus, from December 31, 2020, Omsk ‘TEREM of Father Frost’ opens its doors to the city residents, om1 reports.  

City residents are invited to the family immersive shows. It is specified that the performance is attended by no more than 12 children aged three years and older. In the mansion, in addition to the gift included in the ticket price, Father Frost can give a child and his family members a gift that the family will bring with them beforehand.

Tickets cost 1,500 rubles per child, which includes an individual visit of a child to the main Omsk Father Frost’s room, a gift from Father Frost (New Year’s bag, board game, one knitted product, either mittens or socks, and 200 g of sweets), New Year’s quest, and tea with all the guests of the manor.

An interactive disco show for children from 6 to 12 years old, will tell children more about the online world. Fairy tale characters and guests of the Planetarium Estate will face a choice: to be in trend in the virtual world or to remain faithful to the good New Year’s traditions in the real world. The cost of a child ticket is 700 rubles (as a gift a set of sweets is included), the cost of an adult ticket is 400 rubles.

The most famous, but also the farthest in Omsk residence of Father Frost is located in Bolsherechye. Spectators become participants in a fascinating theatrical performance based on folk tales. The cost of an adult ticket for such a performance is 470 rubles, for children (up to 16 years old), it is 420 rubles, a ticket for children under 3 years old costs 100 rubles.

Ru-Main, 28.12.2020, Pictures: Omsk Regional Website  

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