Favourite Cars of Russian Students 2020

An average student can afford a car for 300 thousand, reports VN.RU. From inexpensive options for students are offered Toyota Corolla 90-s for 150-200 thousand rubles.

Auto expert Boris Petrenko identifies several brands of cars that are popular with students. According to him, students today are most often belong to the poor social category, but those who have work can afford to buy a cheap car worth from 150 to 200 thousand. It could be a used Chevrolet Niva, Mazda, Honda Civic, old Audi A4 or Nissan Maxima.

Other experts advise taking the old achievement of the Japanese automobile industry – Toyota Mark II or an old Mercedes because one can show it off in front of girls. Students also do not disdain used VAZ cars, as their price is quite affordable.

Ru-Main, 25.01.2020

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