Female Cosmonaut Helps Muscovites Learn More About Space

The female cosmonaut, Elena Kondakova, will hold the event under the Space Lessons project, which will take place on March 4. It will be dedicated to the first holiday of spring, International Women’s Day, the official website of Moscow Mayor reports. 

Picture: Moscow Regional Website

At the meeting, Hero of Russia, Elena Kondakova, who flew twice to Earth’s orbit, will tell about her profession, long expeditions and impressions after being in space. The female cosmonaut spent a total of 178 days at the space station.

The meeting will also be attended by the heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, pilot-cosmonaut Alexander Viktorenko, who has been in orbit with Elena for 5 months, and Viktor Ren, a test instructor of aerospace technology.

Pre-registration is required and is available on the official website of the event. For those who can’t get to the meeting, a live broadcast will be held in the VDNH group on the Odnoklassniki social network. Then the video will be published on the website of the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center.

Ru-Main, 02.03.2020

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