Female Entrepreneurs Take 33% in Russian Microbusiness Segment

Specialists of the Otkritie Bank conducted a study among more than 206 thousand clients in February 2021 and found out that one-third of the heads of Russian microenterprises are women, the press service of the bank reports.   

The experts found that 33 per cent of the bank’s clients with annual revenues of up to 20 million rubles are businesses owned or run by women. It is specified that most often such companies operate in the areas of clothing trade (8 per cent), food (5.9 per cent), real estate rental (5.3 per cent), cargo transportation (4.6 per cent), accounting and legal services (4.2 per cent), beauty (3.9 per cent), as well as cafes and restaurants (2.9 per cent).

According to the Deputy President and Chairman of the Board of Otkritie Bank, Nadiya Cherkasova, women share in Russia’s working-age population is 54 per cent and more often they just choose employment rather than their own business. However, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Index shows that 93 per cent of women plan to continue to develop their own businesses, despite the impact of the pandemic. Moreover, more than half of them have regained their lost positions, and another 10 per cent received opportunities to create a new direction of business development.

Ru-Main, 06.03.2021 

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