Festival of Sledges in Kazan

The annual festival “Kazan Sledges” presents the most creative designs for rolling down the hill. In Gorky Park, they ride while lying on a stove, standing on a shell and even during the fight in a boxing ring. The most unusual home-made suit and sledges are chosen. 

Picture: Kazan Local Website

This year 6 teams entered the competition. The sleigh design was quite huge, it consisted of five tubes. At the top of the mountain, two mummies greeted the audience. They sat in their sarcophagus and rushed down with a breeze.

Before climbing the hill, Kazan residents were presented with a small but real battle of young athletes. And on the top of the hill, on the sledge, boxer coaches sat down to demonstrate several tricks right on the go.

The festival champions were participants from the ‘Mummy on Vacation’ team. As a gift, they received 50 thousand rubles. The unusual design of the sarcophagus attracted attention among the audience and the jury. Though it’s not only their appearance that contributed to the victory but also the high speed they went down the slide.

Ru-Main, 05.01.2020

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