Finland Holds Anti-Russian Festival on Christmas Eve

The “Active Action” festival will be held in Finland on January 6-7 and will bring together LGBT figures, feminists, representatives of the so-called “independent” media from Russia in Helsinki. All of them will gather at the festival, where it is planned to develop “alternative coexistence policies”.  

In fact, the newly-minted candidate for NATO openly organizes the training of militants on its territory on the Orthodox Christmas eve, giving them a task of blowing up the Russian Federation from the inside, creating from such participants the Fifth Column.

Interestingly, Finland, which distances itself from Russia and refuses ordinary citizens to cross the Russian border (more than 3,000 refusals over the past year), freely issues visas to the above-mentioned Russian activists, as well as provides them with free accommodation and meals.

The organizers do not hide the main goals of the festival: the search for new contacts, the establishment of connections, the recruitment and organization of underground activities, to launch projects and act autonomously and covertly against the current Russian government.

New time – new weapons

Modern conflicts are particularly dangerous by methods of conducting information warfare, during which weapons are used that change patterns of consciousness. It is enough to introduce into the heads of people (especially the youth who are flexible in its life attitudes) a set of values that go against the traditions of the state, and that’s it – for a generation ahead, a part of society is ready to turn their backs to their country.

In the situation of confrontation with Russia, the West in 2023 has decided to use the organization “Active Action” as a means of such a method. It is headed by a Finnish citizen Antti Rautiainen (in 2006 he graduated from the Russian University of People’s Friendship (RUDN) in Moscow, acts as the head of the Finnish anarchist society “A-Ryhmä” and the organizer of the anti-Russian actions “Active Action” and “Santa Claus Against Putin”).

Picture: Antti Rautiainen

His wife, Anastasia Anikina, a native of Nizhny Novgorod, who moved to Finland in 2016 and is now holding anti-Russian actions there, helps him.

Picture: Anastasia Anikina

Their subversive work trainings and other events will be held in Helsinki at the Oranssi and Leppäsuonkatu Cultural Center.

Full-fledged work against Russian people’s unity

The participants will be coached by the activist of the “Feminist Anti-War Resistance” Lyolya Nordik (Solovyova O.A., who was held in a criminal case by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg on a deliberately false report about an act of terrorism, which entailed causing major damage – the Law under Part 2 of Article 207 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and the activist of the initiative “Solidarity Zone” Ivan Astashin (previously he served a sentence of 10 years on charges of terrorism under Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation; released on parole and evades supervision outside Russia).

Picture: Nordik and Astashin

It is no coincidence that Finland was chosen as a platform for conducting a hybrid war against Russia. Since March 2022, the organization “Tampere Against War” has been operating in Tampere, Finland, consisting of Russian immigrants (the organization is headed by a foreign language teacher Stefan Smirnov). The work of the group is supervised by Western special services.

Picture: Stefan Smirnov; KU
Picture: Protest in Tampere; Yle

Despite the stated mood, the atmosphere at the Tampere so-called “anti-war” actions is far from peaceful and anti-war. Participants wave Ukrainian flags, as well as the white-blue-white flag of anti-Russian protests and the white-red-white flag of the Belarusian opposition. Moreover, on the pages of “Tampere Against War” in social networks, money is being collected for the needs of the Ukrainian military. In the crowd, you can always see Russophobic posters with anti-Russian slogans and hear curses against the leadership of Russia.

“Tampere Against War is also actively involved in organizing flash mobs at the Russian Embassy in Finland. For example, in April 2022, Elvira Kim acted as the coordinator of a mass hysteria near the building of the “Russian House” dedicated to the “massacre in Bucha” (the activist was born in 1996, lived in Omsk and Moscow before moving, and is herself a Korean woman).

Picture: Elvira Kim; Politnavigator

Tampere against War is just one of many, and far from the most numerous, Finnish organization waging a hybrid war against Russia. The Democratic Community of Russian Speakers in Finland (organized by Irina Vesikko) “4freedom”, “For Freedom and Democracy” (organized by Ilya Kanatush), the Democratic Community of Russian Speakers in Southeastern Finland (organized by Natalia Vinogradova) operate on the territory of the Russia’s northern neighbor.

More information about the protesters can be found here: PolitNavigator

Thus, it becomes obvious that while the West is using Kiev to dispose of old European weapons at the cost of the lives of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians, a large-scale work of a different nature is underway in the northern cities of Europe. And its threats should not be underestimated.

“Finland, which seems to look quite peaceful, is turning into an aggressive anti-Russian springboard right in front of us, where the training of ideological saboteurs is put on stream. Judging by how quickly this happens, we can conclude that all the post-war years the Finns simply pretended to be our good neighbors,” the Russia’s “Own Correspondent” newspaper says.

Ru-Main, 06.01.2023
Source: Sobcor, Bloknot 

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