Finland Making Mistake Joining NATO – Political Scientist Warned

The decision of the Finnish authorities to join NATO, from a strategic point of view, is absolutely wrong, since this is the consequence of following Washington’s will and not the country’s own interests, as stated by Russian political scientist, director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise, Valery Korovin. 

Earlier, The Times reported that Finland and Sweden intend to join NATO this summer. Finland is expected to apply in June, followed by Sweden, the publication wrote, citing its own sources.

“The Finnish authorities simply have their hands twisted, in fact, being driven into the [North Atlantic] Alliance, which is supposedly necessary to ensure the security of this country against the background of events taking place in Ukraine,” the expert points out, commenting on the publication.

Later, the press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, said that further expansion of the alliance will not bring additional security to the European continent.

“The alliance itself is rather a tool sharpened for confrontation. This is not an alliance that ensures peace and stability,” he said.

Korovin confirms that, indeed, any NATO advance to Russia’s borders poses a threat to it by default.

“This is an axiom, and it is beyond any doubt,” the experts says.

At the same time, the political scientist believes that in this context it is necessary to separate Sweden and Finland. According to the expert, anti-Russian sentiments are very strong in Sweden, and it has not yet joined NATO “only because it is trying to preserve its military industry, which it has very much developed.”

“As for Finland, it’s a completely different story here. The Finns, for the most part, are pro-Russian, so this idea faces a very serious rejection within society, creating problems for the ruling elite manipulated by Washington,” the political scientist noted.

He is sure that this decision will seriously shake the positions of the authorities, even despite the “propaganda machine that is actively developing against the background of the Ukrainian events.” In addition, Korovin is convinced that this Helsinki decision is extremely absurd, since it not only does not solve the security issue, but, on the contrary, leads to the opposite outcome.

The expert believes that Russia’s special operation in Ukraine has begun for the reason that the latter aspired to NATO, and from the point of view of geopolitical laws, any contact between Russia and the alliance could end in a big war.

“Finland’s entry into the alliance will instantly inflame the situation and turn on the countdown for a big war between Russia and the West, making Finland the main platform when nuclear warheads will be shot down not over the territory of Europe, but over the territory of Finland. Naturally, the majority of Finns are against it,” the political scientist concluded.

Ru-Main, 12.04.2022
Source: Svobodnaya Pressa 

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