Finnish Actor Learns Lightness From Russians

The most famous Finnish actor in Russia, Ville Haapasalo, spoke about Russia and the distinctive features of the Russian national character, FAN reports. Ville has been in business for a long time, opening eight companies over the past few years. He also takes part in international projects that were supposed to start this year but due to the pandemic were postponed to 2022.  

Picture: Nordic Public Service Media Partnership Website

At the moment, the actor is selling khachapuri. The man built a bakery, bought used equipment and came up with semi-finished khachapuri that customers can roast themselves in the oven. Over the summer, he sold 25,000 of them. Now Ville lives in Helsinki. His business is located in the village of Puumala which is a resort town where about 2,200 people live.

In recent years the actor has mainly worked on Finnish television where he mostly makes travel programmes. He emphasized that he wants to be involved in the writing of the script, in the process of making a film from the very beginning, not just playing one role in it. Ville also mentioned that he is currently taking part in several projects in Russia, one of which is an eight-episode big film. Therefore, he did not promise quick results to the viewers.

Ville confessed that he speaks Russian almost all the time and has a lot of good friends in Russia, whom he loves very much. With a kind word, he remembered Russian soups, of which he especially singled out borscht. The Finn noted that Russian residents feel that they belong to a large and strong state and this is the feature that distinguishes them from all other people.

“Russia has taught me a very good lesson – don’t worry about what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow will be tomorrow. After that, it became easier for me to live,” Ville said.

Ru-Main, 04.03.2021 

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